Nerea Alberdi is a violinist, composer and arranger. Born in 1985, she began her musical studies at the age of 6 at the Choral Society of Bilbao with professor Radu Hamzea. In 2002, she earn the title of music professional, specializing in violin. In 2001, 2002 and 2003, she played with the Eurocamerata chamber orchestra, touring as a soloist through several European countries. Beginning in 2004, she pursued jazz and modern music music, completing her studies between the Mr. Jam school of modern music and the Jazzschule of Berlin. She has taken private classes with the pianist Joshua Edelman and attended courses and seminars in the Taller de Musics (Barcelona), the Música Creativa school (Madrid) and the jazz seminar in Valencia, among others. She has taken classes with Miguel Salvador, Herbert Perez, Konstantin Chakarov, Carlos Caro, Abe Rabade, Toni Belenguer, etc. She completed her training with a degree in Audiovisual Communication, focusing on film and video with a Master in Music Composition for Audiovisual Media at the Higher School of Music Education Katarina Gurska.

In the professional field, she has collaborated with multiple musicians and bands, as well as joining several formations. She has gone on nationwide tours with the folk group Alann-Bique, international tours with the tango orchestra El Cachivache and the Iker Gomez Dance Company (in the production of “La Danza del Cisne”) and has also collaborated with the Travellin’ Brothers Big Band, the rock group Zenttric and the Vitoria-Gasteiz symphonic orchestra, among others. She currently plays in the swing band, Dr. Maha’s Miracle Tonic, the City Limits bluegrass trio and the project Pétit Cinéma, in addition to occasional collaborations with Josu Bergara and various of jazz and chamber music formations.

As a composer, she has mainly worked in the field of music for screen in both film and television, advertising, video games and applications. She has strong ties with the J.O.K. Films production company, for which she has composed several soundtracks, such as the travel reporting series Invitez Vous, the animated series Mike's Mysteries and the television program Secret Chef. She has worked for various filmmakers and has recently composed the soundtrack for the video game Cutshumoto from Enjoystick Studios. She has also composed music for dance and theater companies, such as the Hamburg Ballet, the Colette Armand Ballet Studio, Marseille and the Iker Gomez Dance Company. Finally, she has composed arrangements for albums by artists like Goiuri Barandika, Josu Bergara and Euridia, and been commissioned for concert music by numerous symphonic and chamber music formations.

In addition, she is the promoter and founder of the company, Mr. Swing, which is a company dedicated to artist representation and management, as well as programming musical events.

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